Lydia M. – Los Angeles

We were about to find a new home for our terrier mix Nelson when we took him to Jeff for board and train. I am so glad we did! Within one week, we were able to walk Nelson without stress or tension. Within two weeks, we were able to enjoy Nelson as a fun part of the family without him tearing through the house, or constantly getting him off furniture.

Jeff worked with my kids and I to help us be clear and consistent and stressed that we still needed to work and train Nelson, but he did so in a way that was simple, straightforward and easy for us to maintain.

I had tried 2 other places for training prior to Jeff that just were not effective. I wish I had gone to him FIRST!

Michaela C. – Sherman Oaks

Jeff is the BEST! A friend recommended Smart Dogs when I was thinking about getting a puppy. Jeff took the time to answer all my questions & recommend the type of dogs that would fit in best with my lifestyle & family. I must admit that I was a little worried when we purchased our 3 month old yellow Labrador retriever weighing in at 30+lbs. Jeff took him in for slightly over a month, and all my fears went away as soon as he came home. We got back the most well-behaved and happy puppy. Jeff knew exactly how to teach me the things I needed to know & gave us step-by-step instructions on how to manage life with a puppy, 1yr old & 3yr old. He continues to be part of our team with ongoing lessons, check-ins & answering the questions that come up along the way. Thanks to Jeff, we have been able to smoothly introduce Scoobs into our family. Great guy & unbeatable service. I recommend Smart Dogs Training to anyone with (or thinking of getting) a dog.

Mark. F. – Calabasas

We purchased a very cute Havanese puppy a couple of years back. Having been around dogs all my life, I thought it would be no trouble training him. Turns out, this very cute puppy was also very stubborn and difficult. After trying for a few months on our own, we came across Jeff. He has a couple of different approaches you can choose from, but we chose to have our puppy live with Jeff for several weeks, as this is the most reliable and shortest approach.

When Sammy was ready to come back home, he was a different dog. We continue to be in regular touch with Jeff and he continues to be a great coach for us and Sammy. If you are looking for assistance with your dog, we do recommend you consider Jeff.

Kim N. – Studio City

Jeff was recommended by a friend who swore by him. He started working with my labradoodle, Noodle, when he was several months old. He took the time to come to the house to see how I was doing things, and then I sent Noodle to him for a month of “boot camp.” (You don’t have to do it this way, but I thought I’d give it a try.) I got back an amazing dog who still had his puppy spirit. Over the last couple years, I’ve taken Noodle to him for boarding — a bonus option only avail. for those who do training with him. Much more reasonable than another other boarding situation and he already knows my dog so well. While there, Jeff continues to work with my dog instead of just boarding and feeding him. He’s taken him to the park with other dogs he’s working with and reaffirms commands and leash training. Noodle always comes back better. He’s always happy and wagging when he sees Jeff. What better and clearer sign do I need than that?!¬†All I know is the great results I’ve gotten, and a dog who still loves to see Jeff. I’d recommend him to anybody!

Romy F. – Encino

Jeff came highly recommended to us by friends who sent their “crazy” dog to him for training. We adopted a male adult schnauzer lab mix who is 75 lbs. the nicest dog but NOT trained- not housebroken at all and wild and crazy, and that didn’t work well with our two small kids. I was so upset not knowing what to do and knowing I couldn’t just have a trainer come once a week to work with our dog (we tried it a few times and it did nothing, in fact I really felt the dog was untrainable). So, we took our dog to Jeff who spent over an hour with us explaining how his program works, how dogs minds work and to tour his home. Both my husband and I felt very comfortable immediately. Jeff is super cool, and super smart and experienced. We left the dog and during the course of the 4 weeks he was there, Jeff always checked in with us with texts and pictures to let us know how the dog was doing. We are SO impressed with what Jeff has taught our dog and what he has taught us. We honestly couldn’t be happier.
– Thanks Jeff!

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