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Be careful when it’s hot!

July 27th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

Well today its nearing 100 degrees (again) so I thought to remind you all too be careful when is hot. If you're taking your dog on a walk or on a hike or any type of physical activity when its hot outside like it is today or like it is much of the summer, I [...]

“Dogs Need Manners Too”

July 19th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

I recently visited a client who lives in a large apartment complex with many dogs. As I spoke with him and walked around the complex I kept being reminded that dogs need manners too. As more people moved into multi-unit housing, more dogs do as well. And the interaction between dogs and other dogs and [...]

“Fremont…the boss?”

July 14th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

So Fremont is a 5 year old Cairn Terrier with an interesting but real life story. I met the owner 3 or 4 months ago when she was in distress over losing her husband suddenly. He had been the primary caretaker and pack leader if you will, of Fremont. After he passed the dynamics changed [...]

Puppies will be Puppies….for a LONG time.

July 13th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

Because I train a lot of puppies, I see a lot of the mistakes that people make. When somebody first gets a puppy they're so excited. They're happy and have expectations of how fun everything is going to be. And they genuinely want it to be a good experience; for themselves, for their families, kids [...]

Ginger got groomed!

July 12th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

A friend of mine is a mental health therapist and works with older adults. Recently he had to hospitalize one of his clients who owned a dog named Ginger. With no place to take the dog, he asked me to help. He asked if I could pick up Ginger from his apartment and board her [...]

Housebreaking 103

July 12th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

Okay great;  you should be starting to get the concepts  of successful housebreaking by now. But there's another important consideration. How are you going to house your dog? Meaning where is he or she going to be at night time when you go to sleep or when you are not able to supervise your puppy? I personally [...]

Housebreaking 102

July 12th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

In addition to managing your dog's behavior in the house you also have to manage what he or she eats and drinks. In other words you have to control what goes in so that you can control what goes out. Or maybe regulate is a better word. Regardless the outcome that you want as for [...]

Housebreaking 101

July 12th, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

Housebreaking doesn't only have to do with a dog going pee or poop in the house. It also has to do with the dog's overall behavior in the house. And the distinction he or she makes between inside and outside. So for those of you who are interested in having a housebroken dog please give [...]

Testimonial from Heidi

July 1st, 2016|Jeff's Blog|

"Jeff has trained our three Labradoodles - family pets over the past 10 or so years. Our experience has been great. He has worked closely with me and my husband, even the kids to help all of us learn how to take care of the dogs so they can be part of our family. He [...]