Jeff has 20+ years of progressive dog training experience and has literally trained 1000’s of dogs. His love affair with dogs started at the age of 8 when he got his fist dog and was given responsibility for walking, brushing etc. He started training dogs at the age of 14 years old after learning some basic techniques from an older brother who was a military dog trainer and who ran a training business in Ohio. From there Jeff volunteered at animal shelters, vet clinics, and boarding facilities to get experience with more breeds. Throughout college Jeff earned money training dogs and upon completion took an opportunity to pursue a basketball career in Europe.

He eventually landed in Germany where he quickly became the understudy of one of the top police dog trainers in the world. Once Jeff returned to the states he started his own dog training company which took off immediately. Jeff’s ability to train people not just dogs is what set him aside from most. His personality and ability to relate to people across the board enabled him to coach owners on how to be successful handlers of their own dogs. In 1995 Jeff was a decoy for one of the top Schutzhund trainers in the world and was instrumental in the training of a dog that went on to win national and international titles.

He was also the Training Coordinator at one of the largest K9 Academies in Los Angeles for several years. There he lead and managed training programs, as well as successfully marketed and sold fully trained dogs all over the world. His client list includes many “who’s who’s”, but no matter who you are, he’ll give you all he has to help.

“I get so much satisfaction from seeing my clients go from pulling their hair out to really enjoying their dog. I can’t own someone’s dog for them, but I can definitely coach them on how to handle and ultimately enjoy their dog.” says Jeff.