I recently visited a client who lives in a large apartment complex with many dogs. As I spoke with him and walked around the complex I kept being reminded that dogs need manners too. As more people moved into multi-unit housing, more dogs do as well. And the interaction between dogs and other dogs and people needs to be somewhat orderly and non chaotic in order for things to go smoothly. For example you have to take your dog to the bathroom and go down two flights on the elevator. As you’re getting out a woman in her business suit coming home from a long days work enters the elevator. What does your dog do? Does he pounce on her ripping her stockings? Does he sniff her all over?  Does he wag his tail and sit next to you as if to say Mom, Dad, is it okay? Your dog’s manners matter and obedience training is the foundation for teaching your dog those manners. Another example would be you’re coming in from work or the gym or wherever and you greet your dog at the apartment door. What does he or she do? Does he run out around the complex for 20 minutes before you can get him or her back? Or does he or she greet you and look to you for direction as if to say; What are we going to do? Your dog’s manners matter and I think it’s important that in a heavily populated environment  that is full of people and full of dogs,  that your dog have the proper behavior and the manners that make YOU a good neighbor.