Okay great;  you should be starting to get the concepts  of successful housebreaking by now. But there’s another important consideration. How are you going to house your dog? Meaning where is he or she going to be at night time when you go to sleep or when you are not able to supervise your puppy? I personally recommend a crate or kennel. Various kennel or Petmate are makers of a kennel that’s plastic with a metal front gate. This is an essential tool to housebreaking. Dogs are den animals and typically don’t defecate in their den. The crate or kennel represents that then. And so by utilizing it you’re teaching your dog to hold it while it’s in the den that is in your house. And upon removing the dog from the crate or kennel you should immediately take it outside so that I can relieve itself. And this is where they have it starts to form consistently to go to the bathroom outside. Of course you have to be consistent as well because you are in fact the one that’s training your puppy.